KII ATU AU, MAKU E WHAI! (I said I’d follow)

 KII ATU AU, MAKU E WHAI! (I said I’d follow) is the second year of a four year research and visual arts publication to uncover the response of tipuna to the gospel of Christ at Waikouaiti, Otakou, Moeraki and Ruapuke from 1840.  There are a number of objectives of the work; I am a sixth generation recipient of the gospel of Christ to enter this intersection.  My hope is to join my testimony of faith with theirs for the generations coming after me.   Much is written about Maori by missionaries, historians, commentators, scholars, & academics, however the voice of Maori within the context of testimony and response to the gospel - the unfinished legacy of Maori today  - to quote historian Keith Newman, is hidden, less easily accessed.   Other objectives are to understand why the years 1835 to 1854 were considered the greatest period of conversion to Christianity by Maori ever witnessed, even though this has not been acknowledged by the traditional Christian churches whose missionary forefathers delivered the gospel message. Research therefore has revealed two keys; ambivalences and inconsistencies that form the webbed societal & political fabric that has paralysed development in the nation for generations. This includes the slowly changing state of relationship between Maori and the Body of Christ in the nation of Aotearoa NZ in 2019.  The second key  is that the Spirit of the gospel message that tipuna recognised and resolutely sought, remains; -  unhindered,  pure in its form, in the heart of the fray, in the eye of the storm and available for any and every person seeking Truth.  The working drawings & paintings here support the distilling of ideas and provide a personal platform for the visual voice  and imagery of  te ao Maori to be explored. Development to date is supported by Ngai Tahu Fund in association with Komiti Putea - Methodist Mission.  My unreserved thanks -  kau nei oku mihi to the late and much esteemed Tahu Potiki of Ngai Tahu ki Puketeraki & Otakou, whose famous few words of support anchored the project early in 2018.   Ki a koutou hoki -  David Higgins - Upoko Te Runanga o Moeraki, Aunty Cissy Te Maiharoa - Kaumatua, Parris Heath -  Pouarahi, KII ATU AU,  Keith Newman - Historian, Author, Journalist,  Simon Kaan, Ngai Tahu Visual Arts Practitioner / Maori Academic, Dawn Dalloway - Academic, Connect AOG Network, Pastors Tony & Julia Diprose and Media Director, Garrett Hoyer of Connect AOG who have taken an aspect of this dialogue to the AOG churches in the South Canterbury region...  


Moana Tipa: