Chrysalis Seed Trust 2005 - 2006

A series of interviews with Maori arts practitioners, educators and curators
Role: writer / researcher

The vision of Chrysalis Seed was 'to generate multiplying groups of artists in a subculture centred in Jesus', its mission was to ‘equip artists to integrate their art and faith, and to reconcile art and faith communities’. The goal of Chrysalis Seed Trust would be that these endeavours could continue even though the structure and operations of Chrysalis Seed as a Trust would come to an end. A grass roots movement would continue to emerge as artists and activists built on the foundations established by the Trust in the 14 years prior.

In July 2005, the pages of Chrysalis Seed News featured a series of interviews with Maori arts practitioners, educators and curators whose whakapapa (genealogies / inherited histories), their working worlds and or personal lives were brushed, impacted or shaped by Christian faith. The intersection of Christian faith and te ao Maori would be a place of internal wrestle and breakthrough for those drawn to navigate its territory.

The contributions of Baye Riddell, Andrew Panoho, Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, Dr. Rangihiroa Panoho, Dr. Deidre Brown, Megan Tamati-Quennell, Gabrielle Huria, Kura Te Waru Rewiri and Darryn George each demonstrated differently, some part of this dialogue.

Crossing the Threshold: Bay Riddell
Those who are bent by the wind shall rise when the wind softens (Te Whiti o Rongomai – Prophet) an interview with Dr. Deidre Brown
I bring myself… I bring my broken humanity – an interview with Andrew Panoho
He toi whaakairo, he mana tangata – Where there is art, the people flourish – an interview with Megan Tamati Quennell
Toi te Mana – an interview with Jonathan Mane-Wheoki


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